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Rob Brown

Rob Brown

VP, Growth

Born into entrepreneurship, Rob has a passion for creating, building, and improving businesses. By the time he had completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University, he had launched 3 projects in multiple industries; one of which was in designing exercise equipment that would generate electricity and take advantage of the local net metering policy. Upon graduation, Rob gained experience leading teams at AT&T from 2011, and then Vivint Solar in 2013 where he entered the renewables industry. In 2015, he was recruited by Graybar Electric Company, a Fortune 500 nationwide electrical distributor, to start and launch their solar division. Under the supervision of some of the brightest minds in energy efficiency, energy services, and electrical products, Rob developed energy projects with end-user customers in the commercial and industrial sectors while managing a small team of 6 people. While at Graybar Rob became acquainted with various energy storage technologies and chemistries, among them Avalon Battery, a vanadium flow battery manufacturer from Vancouver, Canada. Rob found Avalon’s technology intriguing and incorporated their systems into his proposals when advising his end-user clients. In January 2020, Rob transitioned to Avalon Battery as their Regional Director for North America, one of only two people to cover global sales. Shortly thereafter, Avalon merged with RedT Energy from London, England to form Invinity Energy Systems. For the next two years, Rob developed processes, advised on company strategy, and directed go-to-market strategy within North America. Having positioned Invinity as the world’s leading provider of vanadium flow batteries, Rob exited in search of his next project. Hearing about Rob’s pending departure from Invinity, Josh Weiner, CEO and Founder of Sepi, recruited Rob to develop and launch Sepi’s Development Engineering department. Shortly thereafter Rob took the lead as Sepi’s VP of Growth, focusing on sales, marketing, and overall client experience. When not obsessing about customer satisfaction, Rob can be found playing with his children or experimenting with recipes in his kitchen.

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EV CHARGING DAY - 1 13 May 2024
09:30 - 10:00

EV Charging Infrastructure Made Possible with Renewable Energy

1. Common stall: Insufficient local electrical capacity
2. Issue: Upgrades are costly enough to halt projects
3. Session focus: Creative engineering solutions
4. Objective: Enable projects by combining renewable energy technologies