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Pourya Shamsi

Pourya Shamsi

Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Pourya Shamsi is the co-founder and CEO of Infinity Miles, Inc. He has more than 20 years of industrial, and 10 years of academic experience in the field of power electronics and energy conversion. He has been involved with the design and prototyping of multi-level inverters since 2005. He has more than 120 peer reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings on various aspects of power electronics and drives. He is also the Woodard Associate Professor of Excellence at Missouri University of Science and Technology and is the founder of the Route 66 Controls group. He is a member of IEEE as well as multiple UL standard committees. He has been awarded various federal grants to research on the state-of-the-art converters including wide bandgap devices, advanced topologies, and grid integration systems by the US Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, U.S. Army, National Institute of Standards and Technology, The Department of Education, and NASA.

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EV CHARGING DAY - 1 13 May 2024
09:30 - 10:00

Technology for Ultrafast Charging - Medium Voltage Solid-State Transformer

1. Challenges and obstacles of the current fast chargers and solutions.
2. Opportunities for growth: Exploring government incentives, advancements in battery technology, and environmental benefits as drivers for EV adoption.
3. Future trends: Addressing upcoming developments in EV technology, such as fast-charging networks and autonomous EVs.